Ballooning Over Vermont

Above Reality Balloon Flight Gift Certificates FAQ's

How long is a gift certificate good for?

We do not put expiration dates on our certificates – use it when your schedule allows. There are no blackout dates however our pricing during October is slightly higher. This difference can be paid at the time of booking if an October Fall Foliage flight is booked.
How soon will I receive my gift certificates? You will get your certificate via email in about 5 minutes or less.

Can I print something off to give to the recipient?

Yes, your email will contain two attachments both of which can be printed. One attachment is a traditional looking "certificate" and the other attachment is a pretty picture that can also be presented.

How do I redeem a certificate?

Simple, you will just select a date from our online booking calendar on our website. At the payment screen you will copy and paste the alphanumeric code (sample - uAzh8Wwg) into the section that says "apply code". The email you receive will come with an alphanumeric code for EACH certificate so if you are booking more than 1 passenger simply copy and paste another code after you see the first one has been deducted from the total. Booking can also be done by phone by calling us but it is significantly faster online.

How far in advance do we need to book (and do we need to pick a date now)?

You do NOT need to select a date now. The flexibility of a gift certificate allows you (or the recipient) to book when it is convenient. We suggest booking about a week or two in advance (more lead time for October flights) but we are happy to accommodate last minute bookings if we are able.

What is your cancellation policy/refund policy?

Refunds: If you or the recipient decides that you do not want the gift certificate, it is fully refundable within 7 days of purchase. During the month of December we offer a more lenient refund policy. Buy a Gift Certificate any time during the month of December and return the certificate for a full refund until the 31st.
Also, gift certificates may be transferred at no charge to another individual (or charity).

Cancellations: Once a balloon flight is booked, the reservation may be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours of the scheduled flight. Cancellations inside of 48 hours will count as redemption of the certificate as we are unable to fill those spaces.