Ballooning Over Vermont

There is a simple reason why a balloon ride in Vermont is on the Bucket List for so many people: it’s absolutely amazing!

Here at Above Reality, our specialty is providing safe and memorable balloon flights over the scenic Vermont countryside.

The term "balloon ride" or "balloon flight" can be slightly misleading, since the event is more of a life experience than anything else. Your experience will include everything from the anticipation and excitement before your balloon flight, to the wonder and awe that comes during the actual balloon ride itself, followed by the euphoria that blankets you during the traditional post flight toast as you recount your experience.

If you are ready to reserve your balloon flight now, you can click here to book online or, if you prefer, you may call us at 802.899.4007. If you would like to learn more about our balloon rides before booking then we invite you to browse our website for answers to many frequently asked questions including pricing and scheduling times. Or simply call us to speak directly with a pilot.